Sunday, October 23, 2011


i look back on the past 5 months and it has been such an incredible time of love and growth and changes and discoveries
we have grown as a family and while there are still things we need to learn about each other and how we all fit i can't imagine things any other way.
no one ever imagines parenthood to be easy. and no one ever tells you that you'll be capable of handling it. and yet there is something about this that feels very solid and i do feel like we have done right by these boys the past almost 5 months. people look in at our little family and wonder "how?"
how do we look rested? - we're really good at faking it and for the most part our boys sleep fairly well
how do we look so put together? - well, hygiene has always been a priority for us :) i joke with angela all the time that when the boys are teenagers they will be showering at least twice a day...let's face it, boys are a bit smelly

i often wonder how you don't resent me for leaving every day and while i understand the necessity of going to work and bringing home the proverbial bacon i also know how hard it can be to be home alone with two little boys who are not always on their best behavior...

in the past few short weeks since the boys turned 4 months old they have started to notice each other...jared often babbles and laughs when caleb is in his line of sight - he makes awesome eye contact and occasionally caleb with babble back...caleb is the quiet type. he has to work up to a conversation even with his brother...
as they get older they get older i look forward to learning the language they will have with each other. i look forward to seeing these two already so different personalities grow and strengthen!

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