Thursday, December 15, 2011

boo hoo hoo

It was an interesting weekend around the derby-wright household with screaming caleb Friday night and screaming jared Saturday night and poor, stuffed up Caleb who couldn’t suck his paci for how stuffy he was…oy. We made the decision Friday night with caleb to let him “Cry It Out” a method that many moms today find barbaric and completely inappropriate. It basically involves attempting to calm the screaming child multiple times without successfully getting them to remain calm without being held. On Friday night caleb wanted to be held and nurse…he had gotten in a habit of just wanting to be held and the minute his little legs touch the mattress of his crib he starts screaming again – which inevitably wakes jared…so instead of teaching caleb that all he has to do is scream and we will come running I took jared downstairs to bed with me and mommy stayed with caleb while he screamed for 2 hours before falling to sleep. Well…apparently jared got the memo that this was a fun game and proceeded to do the same thing the next night…

We let the boys cry it out because for us it is important for them to learn to self sooth – this is a crucial part of development…and caleb has gotten into the habit of crying just to get us to come hold him – which trust me I would love to take him into bed with us each night but we can’t…it’s not safe for him and not good for us to let our bed become a family space. Any way…we had two straight nights of crying it out and both boys did eventually go back to sleep…both were long nights but well worth it in the grand scheme of things…

All in all i'd say it was a good weekend. 
it's always difficult when sleep deprivation and a desire to be everyone's everything comes into play but in the end it always ends on a high note...or at least a note of satisfaction with knowing i have an awesome family!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

just happy

to be my kids' mama...

this makes me happy
gets me through the day
my insanely wonderful wife also helps with both of those things too :)

with every day we get better and that's what counts...


yup - it's that time...time for the baby gates to go up.
that's the plan for this weekend anyway
i plan on putting the gates up since jared has not realized he can roll...and then roll again...and then roll again

this is definitely the end of the infant era and a transition into the era of "baby" and i'm guessing we will soon move onto toddler...yowza!