Sunday, September 23, 2012

sans stroller

this morning angela went out to see her grandfather in burlington and i had a long overdue mama morning
all 4 of us went to elmo's diner for breakfast first and then came home to change the boys out of the pjs...
for some reason i decided that since it was so pretty outside we would go for our first real nature walk sans stroller for hindsight it might not have been the best idea but we did have a blast!

Friday, September 21, 2012

the view from up north

me and my buddy kipper

best smile ever
cousin kisses
more cousin kisses!
GOATS! (pre goat attack)
we love goats
hello goat...or dogum as caleb called them
climbing in
goat kisses
ready to move in
my little john deer
my sweet boys
a little unsure
here i'll help you

hangin with my uncle c
trying to climb in with the moo-cows
uncle love...
trying to show jared something...
ooo...big tractor
really big tractor...

closest we could get to a mama & the boys photo
watching the animals go by
feeding the pigs
feeding the billy goats!
sleepy baby
feeding something
bye bye animals
will i fit?
how bout you brother?

boys doing work
notice the dog to toddler size ratio
LOVE my niece!! (she has my dimple...)
ice cream is yummies
best face ever!
epic caleb
sweet family!...miss them like crazy
eating my ice creams off the ground...
it's just so good
just can't help myself
watching the water in thousand islands
looking at the big buildings
watching it with our mommy
happy mommy....very sleepy baby
little bear!
at least one of them slept
diggin the sand
dig dig dig
testing out the water
ooo cold water
hanging out at the lake
is it safe to drink?
watcha doin uncle?
my little fish
loving every minute

we couldn't get him out
filling my bucket
going to fill my puddle
i didn't make it....
surfer niece
closest we got to a family photo
cleaning out my nooks and crannies