Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the times they are a changin'

tonight as a very tired very sad Jared was put in his crib I, his mama walked into the kitchen saying "i love you buddy - sleep well" - then about 30 seconds later his crying seemed much much louder...hmm.
upon further investigation i found that my sweet little man was standing at the door and not in the crib where i had last seen him. ah yes our sweet little jared has learned that he can climb out of his crib when he wants his mama...i went back in and held him, told him how much i loved him and that he had caleb to keep him company.
i put him back in his crib and walked back out. i hid outside the door and waited to see what would happen and low and behold small jared climbed back out. and he didn't just crash to the ground he landed lightly on his feet. he came running straight for the door. as soon as i picked him up he instantly stopped crying which led me to believe that this was primarily an attention seeking behavior...oh goody a BCBA for a mama...
jared was put in his sleep sack and still STILL managed to climb out. i let him whine and cry a little and after about 5 minutes i went back in and saw him about to start playing with toys - i picked him up and kissed him and placed him in his crib and that was the last i heard from jared...
oh sweet boy how i wish you would sleep soundly without crawling out of that crib

sweet dreams my sweet little boys

Monday, December 17, 2012

interesting turn of events

i got to my client's house this morning to find a sick kiddo - mom said he had a "bad cold" but she thought he was getting. he proceeded to start eating (well being spoon fed) his breakfast and like watching a train wreck i sat there and just waited because knowing this child as well as i do i knew he was minutes away from throwing up every bite of cookie he had eaten.
needless to say i got to go home about 30 minutes after the session started.
i got to sit at the table and eat breakfast with my boys. i got to read morning stories and watch as my children requested that i read something "again" and as they each chose what they wanted for breakfast. i got huge hugs and giggles when i got home...for once i was getting home while they were in their morning jammies not late at night when they were putting their jammies on to go back to bed.
now i'm sitting at my kitchen table working, drinking my coffee and watching my sweet boys playing with their mommy in the other room.
in the wake of national tragedy i am so lucky to have this morning to just be with my family

Friday, December 14, 2012

candles lit

each night we light our candles...we light them for the joy they bring in to our homes - to see our children marvel at the miracle that is the light...Channukah is not about presents and not entirely about the oil or burning for eight days. the true meaning of Channukah has its roots in a time when the Maccabees stood up for themselves and their people and fought back. they took it upon themselves to uphold their rights, their beliefs and the lives of them and those they loved.

tonight, with the boys in bed and mommy having a mommy's night out, i sat at our kitchen table and lit our candles - each candle in honor and remembrance of all those whose lives have ended prematurely...not only those we lost today in the tragic shooting in Connecticut - but all those who are gone. 

tonight, i light for them

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never become our own foe;
Light one candle for those who are suffering
A pain they learned so long ago;
Light one candle for all we believe in,
That anger not tear us apart;
And light one candle to bring us together
With peace as the song in our heart!
- light one candle
as a child this was my favorite Channukah song. honestly i think it still is. i don't think it was originally meant as a channukah song but i may be wrong. no child should know the fear that those surviving this horrible day now know.