Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the times they are a changin'

tonight as a very tired very sad Jared was put in his crib I, his mama walked into the kitchen saying "i love you buddy - sleep well" - then about 30 seconds later his crying seemed much much louder...hmm.
upon further investigation i found that my sweet little man was standing at the door and not in the crib where i had last seen him. ah yes our sweet little jared has learned that he can climb out of his crib when he wants his mama...i went back in and held him, told him how much i loved him and that he had caleb to keep him company.
i put him back in his crib and walked back out. i hid outside the door and waited to see what would happen and low and behold small jared climbed back out. and he didn't just crash to the ground he landed lightly on his feet. he came running straight for the door. as soon as i picked him up he instantly stopped crying which led me to believe that this was primarily an attention seeking behavior...oh goody a BCBA for a mama...
jared was put in his sleep sack and still STILL managed to climb out. i let him whine and cry a little and after about 5 minutes i went back in and saw him about to start playing with toys - i picked him up and kissed him and placed him in his crib and that was the last i heard from jared...
oh sweet boy how i wish you would sleep soundly without crawling out of that crib

sweet dreams my sweet little boys

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  1. I enjoyed reading that so much. Jonathan did the same thing. Some nights we'd place him back in his bed 10X before he was too tired to climb out.

    Thanks for sharing;) Matthew