Friday, January 4, 2013


so when the boys were first born their bubbie started this things called "ah-boo"
you say ah and on the boo you tap heads. well if you're caleb sometimes you knock head but you get the picture...
each time the boys see their bubbie they go through this game and for the longest time it was their way of saying "i love you" - it's really quite awesome
now occasionally they will do ah-boo completely spontaneously - caleb will even say "ah.......boooo" - it's really adorable
tonight, after bath while we were picking out pajamas and getting our night-night diapers on, caleb came up to me and totally out of no where did ah-boo! then jared came up and had to do it too...after a few seconds of alternating ah-boos between each boy it turned into one big family BOO! it was the most adorable toddler moment. all three of us had our heads together with the boys giggling and boo-ing
the best part is that bubbie and poppie are coming for brunch on sunday and i'm sure the boys will show off their ability to ah-boo all by themselves!

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