Friday, January 4, 2013

photo bomb...because i can

yup...because i can and i'm the mama i am officially hijacking this post to shamelessly show pictures of my sweet boys

a glimpse into his future?

too too cute
he learned the "push them up your nose" bit from his mama

i got this!
my turn!
playing glasses with briana
my sweet little
trying to climb the tree...oy
flying with my uncle Jason
trying to be like my cousin Kayle

i just can't get enough of this little boy
trying to look up at Kayle's hot air balloon - this resulted in him falling over
the closest thing we have to a family photo this season...

so there you have it...
the family that i love and adore with every ounce of my being

i could not be happier...and what was truly amazing was spending christmas with angela's family this year i actually felt like a part of the family...with jason and the kids there and angela's aunt referring to me as a "cousin by marriage" when Kayle asked how i was all really fell in to place. it might have take 7.5 years (really has it been that long?!) but feeling like a part of the family for the first time in that 7.5 years was worth the wait...

hope you enjoyed the pictures of the two (well 3 including angela) best things that ever happened to me!

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