Monday, April 8, 2013


i bumped into our old nanny today at weaver street - we got to talking and i mentioned something about the fact that A and i have been thinking about asking him to take on one day a week so that A can get some more work done...we also really appreciate the relationship the kids have with him (they love him)...after talking a bit he said that if he needed to reduce his fee for services he would because that's how much he cares about maintaining his relationship with the boys...
in the last 3 months he lost his job with us, lost his long long term girl friend, and realized he didn't have enough money to start grad school or to go traveling as he had wanted to prior to school (also that was a trip he was planning with the aforementioned girl)...for him to make this offer was such an amazing gesture in my eyes.
i am feeling extremely lucky to have someone like this in our life and i know that the values that we have as a family are shared by someone who has such a strong relationship with the kids