Monday, December 17, 2012

interesting turn of events

i got to my client's house this morning to find a sick kiddo - mom said he had a "bad cold" but she thought he was getting. he proceeded to start eating (well being spoon fed) his breakfast and like watching a train wreck i sat there and just waited because knowing this child as well as i do i knew he was minutes away from throwing up every bite of cookie he had eaten.
needless to say i got to go home about 30 minutes after the session started.
i got to sit at the table and eat breakfast with my boys. i got to read morning stories and watch as my children requested that i read something "again" and as they each chose what they wanted for breakfast. i got huge hugs and giggles when i got home...for once i was getting home while they were in their morning jammies not late at night when they were putting their jammies on to go back to bed.
now i'm sitting at my kitchen table working, drinking my coffee and watching my sweet boys playing with their mommy in the other room.
in the wake of national tragedy i am so lucky to have this morning to just be with my family

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