Sunday, October 16, 2011

a picture is worth a thousand words

 if you stick it in my mouth, i'm gonna bite it!

 sleepin through game day

 yes - they put me in laundry basket

when mama was a kid she had "sister baths" - now we get to have "brother baths"

 i found my thumb!

 local boy!

 first walk in our new stroller

 bubbles and bath time

 first bites of cereal

 nom nom nom!

 jared's first bite

 i'm cute


 uh huh...

 books are nummy

i just can't get enough

these photos were taken over the past month - it's been about that long since i posted last. 
since then the boys have reached 4 months old and caleb has really come into his own.
i felt it appropriate for this post to be more about the boys and their faces and less about the words i have to discuss and describe the last month of these little boys' lives

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