Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 months

i can't believe it's been 2 months (well 9 weeks) since the boys were born.
so much has happened in the past 9 weeks - the boys have gone from being barely 5 pounds to weighing in at 9lb4oz (jared) and 9lb5oz (caleb).

over the past 2 months we have seen so many changes
- you are both sleeping for longer stretches during the day and at night
- bedtime bottles have gone from just 3ounces to 5ounces
- the spitting up comes in waves (jared you spit up more than your brother)
- we purchased uber swanky bottles to help with the spitting...they seem to help a little
- we've added vitamin D to your routine
- you have both started to hold your heads up which is super cute
- for the first time ever we were able to put both of you in the bumbo and you were able to sit there for a few minutes

it's amazing how much changes...mommy was just saying the other night how your feet look so much bigger from the first time we met you

these are your feet on the second day you were in the world...still purple and wrinkled.
i'll have to get a good picture of your feet now for comparison but it's amazing to see the difference 2 months makes.

this was taken about 24 hours after you were born

and this was taken just after 1 month (june 28, 2011)

just incredible

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