Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 months

as of today you are 3 months old - august 27, 2011!

this week in history:
  • libyan rebels overtook the capital of libya marking what is likely the end of months of fighting
  • hurricane irene (biggest hurricane of the season so far) made landfall on the NC coast - we only experienced some rain and wind here in chapel hill
this week in our lives
  • you met your new friend Wade Allison Noble for the first time
  • you have started sleeping from around 10pm until around 5-5:30am
  • caleb's angelcare monitor went off around 2:30am and mommy and i both had total heart's likely he just migrated off the monitor's sensor pad but still...not the most fun way to be woken up at 2am
  • caleb tracked mommy's face for the first time (8/27/2011)
  • jared rolled over for the first time and then did it again - mama was the only one that got to see this and it was the most amazing things (8/27/2011)
  • jared responded to his name (or the sound of mama's voice) for the first time - we were hanging out on the couch and i said his name and he swung his head back to look at me...he did it again and again and again...(8/26/2011)
dear c & j
this is the first weekend in some time that i've really just been able to hang out with you. no errands to run, no people to meet...just stay at home and snuggle time. you both continue to amaze me with how big you are. you're able to wear any where from 0-6 months clothes on're barely fitting into 0-3 month bottoms ;) i guess that's what happens when you get your mommy's long torso and her tiny legs and tush!
i'm sorry that i'm not home a lot during the day to spend time with you and snuggle with you. know that each and every minute that i'm gone is all because i want to give you every opportunity in the world. i want you to know that and know that i adore you with everything that i am.
it's still hard sometimes to realize that we truly are a family - that the years we spent talking and trying and wishing finally resulted in the two most amazing, cutest boys in the world! you are loved and adored by everyone who knows you. just last week your GG had a pacemaker put in because she realized her health wasn't where she wanted it to be and she said she needed to be here to watch you grow up...that is just how much you are loved!
sleep well my little ones...

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