Monday, July 11, 2011

all the little fishies

...are swimming in the water...

this was July 2 - our first trip to the pool and we had a blast
the boys actually stayed asleep in the water which was kind of neat to see - we have noticed during bath time that they don't mind water on their faces or heads even when we pour it over their heads to rinse the shampoo - definitely got mommy's water baby genes

we've gotten some odd looks from people who think our boys are too young to be in the water but our philosophy is we'd rather expose them to it now so they won't be afraid of it later!
they definitely do not seem to mind - snoozing on the pool deck seems to be their favorite pastime

we have officially joined the mommy's circle at the pool (or i guess any where that we go where women [and men] congregate) - it was really nice to sit with a group of moms and just talk about our kids! it has always been us as babysitters trying to interact with other parents or simply being ignored while we try to wrangle crazy kids - from now on it's mommy and mama take on the world!

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