Thursday, May 3, 2012

new look

it's official...caleb had his first haircut yesterday - after a traumatizing first expereince with the actual haircut place (mom let her kid run out the door and he almost got hit by a car) we settled in to JJ's Kids Cuts in raleigh. It was not our ideal situation - there's this place in durham called PeekADoo which we have heard great things about but they moved and haven't reopened yet and after a weekend of people saying "she's so cute" and pointing to caleb we decided it was time.


more before

getting ready in the police car chair

i'm ready guys

after...what a handsome little dude

my handsome little man
my little boy looks all grown up!
next time we will definitely switch haircut places - but he did so well and didn't really squirm all that much.
i'll post the video when i have a chance - right now Jared says it's 'mama play with me' time!

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