Friday, April 27, 2012

back on solid ground

This is what one flight to nyc does to a baby who got to watch soccer on his own personal tv screen and eat lots of freeze dried yogurt bites...

All in all it wad an incredibly successful trip devoid of screaming or melt downs!!


  1. It worked...
    So I'm glad you're first flight seems to have gone much better than ours. When we tried our first flight I swear Izlyn screemed the whole way. Then, while we were pulling to the gate, a nice lady (in the front of the plane) came back to tell us..."you should've used Nyquil...I always carry some in my purse." Not only was it a bit bizzar that she waiting till AFTER, but we weren't gonna DRUG our kids! Needless to say, after we had a couple more, we learned to bring on the Nyquil:)

    Glad you guys are safe. Enjoy the weekend. Please give everyone a big hug from me! Matthew

  2. Hi - just came across your blog, and can't believe the timing. My partner and I also have a little one from sperm from donor 5508... And we're scheduled for our TDaP shot next week. I didn't realize the donor was allergic til we read your post. There is a bit of a pertussis epidemic here in Washington this year, so we definitely want to vaccinate, but I'd love to here more about the gradual shots you all used and how that all turned out! If you are willing to be in touch, please do: e . Whitmire @ gmail . Com