Friday, April 27, 2012

the one in which we attempt flight

today's the day we all get on an airplane and fly to new york for aunt nin's baby shower and GG's 95th birthday party. oy.

i'm hoping that 2 babies on a plane is not going to be as anxiety provoking once we are in the air as it is with my feet planted firmly on the ground. main concern is the ears popping and while nursing is supposed to help with that there are 2 major hurdles.
1) the boys don't really nurse on command any more - they basically nurse when THEY decide it's time
2) there are 2 of them and only 1 mommy

currently mommy is at the doctor and caleb is telling me it's time to eat...ahh the joys of not being able to feed the poor kid...he's quietly fussing in his crib right now after a not so successful nap - i'm hoping that the water he just jugged might confuse him long enough to wait for mommy to get home

on another note today is also the boys 11 month just over 30 days we will have ONE YEAR OLDS! i cannot believe it's been a year. i'm slowly starting to work on a full write up of the boys' "birth story" from my perspective. as the non-biological parent it has been a whirlwind of a year trying to figure out the kinks and how we all work and fit together. we have not yet gotten all the legal paper work written up but do have documents hand written and signed my A simply stating that in the event of her not being present or incapable of making decisions that all those things fall to least there's that!

so off we go in to the air!

i will post pictures as the weekend progresses

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