Sunday, March 18, 2012

the southland in the spring time

Spring takes on many forms around here...mostly it's identified by the intense amount of yellow dust that covers every surface that has the misfortune to be outside for any period of time...but sometimes you get lucky and spring starts in early March and you are able to get outside before the pollen and the allergies hit you like a ton of bricks. okay really, that pun was not intended but would make my father so proud - as you can see from the pictures below we found a ton of bricks...literally. the wooden structure is what's left of a sort of boxed in play area in our backyard. the thing is at least a decade old if not more and is only semi-salvageable.

taking after my mother i decided i wanted to make a raised bed with some of the space angela and i bought all the seeds and the top soil and special vegetable dirt and two different types of rakes and boards and basically everything we could possibly need (minus the deer proofing which will come later) to make this bed and we started to prep. then came a brick and i thought back to the last time i had planted some ferns and found 2 or 3 bricks buried in the dirt. then came a few more bricks and then a few more and before we knew it i counted about 45 bricks all piled around the outer edge of the structure. but it didn't end there. by the end of the day we had accumulated god only knows how many bricks...i didn't bother counting but you can take a guess if you want to. a jar of jelly-bellies to the person who comes closest!


how many bricks? begins the journey of trying to get all the bricks salvageable to pave a nice walkway in the front for my mom and then make the bed and get to planting!

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