Saturday, March 31, 2012

phase II...of many

so...we have made some serious progress on the outdoor aspects of the house...
we spent most of friday evening in Lowes attempting to make some major decisions about fencing in our children while they play...well i'm making a much bigger deal about that than it really is...when we first moved in here GG had a fit over what would happen when the kids rolled down the hill or ran down the we are taking necessary steps to keep them from rolling down the hills...

we filled all the holes that tyler has dug (with help from tucker i'm sure) over the last year

we seeded the front yard and covered it in straw to hopefully keep tyler from destroying it

we loaded all the bricks on to the truck to take to shelly's tomorrow

we sunk 13 poles into the ground around the play structure - getting ready for putting up the fence tomorrow

we filled the play area with top soil to try and level things out in order to seed tomorrow

and's pouring rain so let's hope all our work doesn't wash down that hill GG is so worried about

front yard all seeded

pavers pulled up and ready to be re-set

truck FULL of bricks...bye bye bricks!

dirt filled in & poles sunk (yes we set 13 poles all on our own!)

happy little garden...

mommy and caleb

lovin the outdoors

look at me in my mama's shirt

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