Monday, March 5, 2012

bye-bye baby food - hello dinner!

Ever since we started solids we have been introducing all of the things that we eat on a regular basis. Beans and various different greens, tofu, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and carrots…basically if we’re going to be eating it for dinner than the boys are eating it. they’ve had bean stew and noodles and quiches and carrot muffins. Cooking for the boys is such a joy and something that I look forward to. There is only one downside to cooking for 2 growing boys…it’s not that they want to eat all the time it’s that when they eat they just don’t stop!

Current favorite foods:
Carrot muffins
Bagel with cream cheese (definitely a favorite)

I’m not sure there are any foods that they don’t like…no I take that back, Jared does not like butternut squash any more…caleb can’t decide whether or not he likes strawberries or other berries for that matter…caleb also does not like hard boiled eggs – we have the best video of him eating eggs…

cooking for my three loves is something i look forward to each and every fact when i get home tonight it'll time for mondays with mama and time for cooking with the boys...that is if caleb it feeling up to it.

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