Tuesday, January 31, 2012

whirlwind weekend

this was mama's first real weekend without studying or work or anything to do other than be a mama and boy did we take advantage of it! starting saturday morning with our first taste of yogurt and ending with our first taste of frozen yogurt with tons and tons of fun in between.

saturday morning mommy slept in...it was nice to spend the morning with my boys just playing and having breakfast. although caleb did decide that he did not in fact want his cereal. we had butternut squish which was enjoyed by all involved. jared took an awesome morning nap (mainly because he has the sniffles) and i had a chance to make mommy some oatmeal, chocolate chip lactation cookies (carrot mini baby muffins to be made on monday). we got to hang out with cousins ari and laurel and chat with them about angela keeping their little boy a few months after he's born once his mommy and his laurel go back to work. mid way through our little chat the mailman arrived with a package for the boys! we now officially have a ball pool!

this provides hours of fun! jared is also trying to figure out how he can crawl up and over the side effectively crawling out of the ball pit. oh the joys of almost mobility.
so...after a thrilling afternoon of ball pools and playing and dinner it was bed time - the boys actually slept fairly well saturday night and were well prepared for sunday funday! we started sunday with huge plans of outings and grocery store trips and muffin making and and and and...yea by morning nap time we were all a bit spent but still had grand plans. however after a decent nap and some lunch we were a bit more fired up and prepared to venture for our first real, kid centered family outing

enter -- kidzu

...we were hoping jared would take his first crawl while we were out but alas...no crawling yet...

kidzu is a museum specifically designed for kids - the whole thing is hands on - there's an art area, a building area, a "green market" area full of fruit and vegetable toys - in the 24months and younger area there had lots of books and toys and lots of things to be put in caleb's mouth! there's also a large basket for "mouthed" toys...yea basically anything caleb came into contact with went into this basket.
we mainly hung out in the padded section of the baby zone - this tends to be the best plan when jared and caleb are involved - as long as it's padded there is no fear of jared lunging forward (desperately grabbing at whatever toy he was going for) and busting his head open or caleb thinking there's something behind him and just deciding to fall backwards! ahh boys...gotta love 'em.


look ma...yellow!

just hanging out

we played a lot at kidzu - we played and read books and laughed and watched other little boys play and use their big boy walking feet...one day we will learn to use our walking feet but for now we're still trying to figure out this crawling business. kidzu was fun but there is only so much you can do when you're little so we decided to take a little walk across the street for one of chapel hill's best holes in the wall...the Yogurt Pump! the boys tasted their very first frozen yogurt (vanilla of course - no crazy flavors yet) - they seemed thoroughly unimpressed and are much more eager to scarf down fist fulls of butternut squash...what a proud mama i am!

after kidzu there was a strike on afternoon napping resulting in cranky boys. it was an early night with a quick dinner and a nice warm bath!...

now if only jared could figure out how to crawl............

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