Thursday, January 12, 2012


to my boys...over the next 2 weeks the time i spend away from you and studying are not because i do not miss you, want to snuggle you, or do not love you...this is all for you (well and to advance myself) but so much more for provide a solid foundation for the rest of our life be the mama i want to be and a mama you can be proud of.

so...i'm going to have to take a back seat these next few weeks and devote myself to this test and studying for it.
i love you with every single piece of my heart (yes still leaving some left for your mommy!)

in a few short weeks we'll be back to running and playing and snuggling every night! (don't worry...we'll still snuggle every night and you'll still get your night time babas from mama...i wouldn't give that time up for anything...)


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