Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year...

what a year it's been...last year at this time we were traveling from brooklyn to massachusetts visiting aunt nina and uncle chris, and molly. we spent new years in a club i frequented in college, watched a ridiculous drag show and got insanely good pizza around 3am. the boys were still cooking and angela was getting so big. we got married legally in connecticut on december 30, 2010 so that we could easily and legally change our last name - it was important that the whole family have the same last name. for a lot of people this isn't important but living in a state that in no way respects us as a family unit it was incredibly important to us.

so...last year. we came home and settled back into life. we came home and had almost 5 months of prepping and moving and fixing and readying our home...then on may 26th at around 5:30pm we came to a realization that in less than 24 hours we would become moms - something that we had been dreaming about for longer than we had been actively trying and that we thought we were ready to take on full throttle...7 months later it's safe to say that we were's safe to say that we have not only found the family we always wanted but have also found each other again and that has truly been the greatest gift.

now on to this year...well for now let's stick to the last month or so...

jared has 2 teeth...

until today caleb had 1 and after a day of crying and fussing and general grumping i discovered tooth #2!

caleb and jared are both sleeping through the night (most nights) and neither baby is swaddled any more.

the boys are sitting up almost completely independently

we celebrated our first channukah and our first christams - the tissue paper wrapping was much more enjoyable than the actual presents but once the excitement of paper wore off the toys were pretty neat.

tonight was the first bath in the real bathtub - we couldn't find an inflatable tub that we could fit both boys in so we settled for the bumpers

it's incredible how quickly time goes by - our trip to nyc last year seems like such a recent event it's hard to believe it was 365 days ago...i'm looking forward to seeing where my rolling, squealing, laughing, smiling, sparkling eyed boys do over the coming months...we've got 5 more months till 12 months then these insanely cute boys will have gotten insanely cuter!

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