Saturday, November 12, 2011

5th month...fifths disease

oof. we've got two boys who woke up with bizarrely red cheeks. caleb had hot, bright red cheeks - we're talking someone took face paint and smeared it all over his face. jared on the other hand woke up with stranger red splotches around each eye. typically we wouldn't have done anything in terms of going to the doctor but we were supposed to see our cousin ari today and she's pregnant - we wanted to make sure the boys weren't contagious. well turns out they likely have fifths' disease which isn't awful in the grand scheme of things but horrible if they come into contact with a pregnant lady...
oh wait - and mommy has viral pink eye - not contagious thank goodness but still.
what a weekend.
currently everyone is sleeping and i'm getting some long overdue sitting on the couch time. is folding laundry and watching "bones" and "ncis" on my computer...
i should start making the pizza dough for tonight's white pizza...but it's a beautiful fall day and i've finished my first cup of tea for the afternoon - i've got a fat kitty sleeping next to me and another sleeping on the babies' play mat.

after all that and this morning's work training i think i'll make my way into the kitchen and begin making pizza...
pizza is something my family made every thursday night as long as i can remember
i have the recipe in my head that my mom made.
it was just something we did as a family...
i think i would like to continue this with the boys...maybe not every week but at least teaching them how to make pizza and how making your food makes it that much more rewarding.

hmm...some how i feel this post that started as a brief description of the boys' first real illness or diagnosis has disintegrated into a rant about life and food and family...not too bad really.

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