Sunday, November 27, 2011

half a year ago...

it's 11:16am on November 27, 2011...half a year ago, 6 months ago, 182 days ago plus or minus a few hours we were sitting (well angela was laying) in a hospital room on the L&D floor of UNC hospital. we were only a few hours away from the craziest moment of our life.

over the past 6 months so many things in our world have changed and so many things about these two little boys has changed!

jared day 1
caleb day 1

one month

one month

over the past six months you've learned to roll and squeal and how to get our attention by screaming - how to make your bouncy seats work by grabbing them - J, you've sprouted a tooth and C, you are definitely working on a few teeth of your own...
you are eating bananas, avocados, turnips, green beans, butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes and baby cereal...
you often attempt to hold your own bottles during night time feedings now and you are consistently (but not always) sleeping through the night
you jump in your johnny jump up and twirl around in your exersaucer
you talk and laugh and play with us
J when you're nursing you stop to stare at me which is the most heart melting thing ever
C when you wake up from a good nap you've got the best smile!
we've had to buy baby gates because over night you went from infants to babies...we saw your cousin ari today and she classified you as "kids" and it's feels like over night you went from these tiny little 5 pound nothings to these gorgeous, incredible little boys!
i look forward to the changes and challenges of the next 6 months...

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