Friday, March 22, 2013


if i remember anything from being a kid it's that thursday night was pizza night. i'm not sure at what period of my childhood this tradition was born but it stuck...even into high school (i think even now that there are no longer kids in the house) every night was pizza night

pouring the water
pouring the oil

thank goodness we made a double batch - everyone got to do everything!

time for flour

since we don't have a big enough food processor for 2 batches of dough we got to help mama stir!

we kneed the dough

say "night night pizza dough"
giving the dough night night kisses

flour is for eating right?!
the next day we ate it and it was awesome!
mini pizzas for mini boys

i truly loved this day! it was awesome to do something with the boys that was such a part of my childhood...since thursdays are such a late night for mama it looks like pizza night might be friday - or at least we make our dough on fridays and make our pizzas on saturdays
looking forward to summer when we can go to the market and get some local, fresh veggies and start adding those to our pizzas

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