Monday, October 1, 2012

family pride

saturday was Durham Pride - the one day each year that we stand outside regardless of the weather (this y ear it was rainy and cold) and we stand with hundreds of other people and celebrate our families
the boys had a good time even with the rain and the cold - caleb waved at everyone, jared was a little tentative but mostly because of the weather

for years angela and i have been going to pride dreaming of bringing our kids to pride one day...this year we actually got to share if with them...last year they were just a bit too young. this year they joined us in celebrating the families of others and their own family.

family pride!
even with the protesters and their megaphones we will continue to bring the boys out for pride each year. we will teach them what pride is about. and even as they get older and are able to understand and ask questions we will teach them about them about those who have gone before us fighting for equality. when they are older and able to understand we will also teach them about those who have gone before us and given their lives fighting for our equality and freedom.
while we hope to show them every day that they are no different than anyone else, pride is a day that we show them how proud we are of our difference. we come together as a community and celebrate!

i can't count the number of people who waved and clapped and smile and shouted at the two beautiful babies.
our family is nothing to be ashamed of and we will spend every day of the boys' lives teaching them that! even when people they love can't stand behind them or their family, they will know that they are two of the luckiest, most loved boys in the world. they will know that their family fought to bring them into this world and will keep fighting for our equality as a family.

the US Supreme Court opened session today - 2 things on the docket are the Defense of Marriage Act and California Proposition 8...i can only hope that in the next 12 months these two things will be resolved in our favor and we can move forward towards our family's equality.

i look forward to including the boys as much as possible in the fight for our family's equality!

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