Friday, August 31, 2012

the one in which we travel north

tonight we begin our first family vacation!
we are traveling to sandy creek, new york to stay with my brother-in-law's parents. it'll be all 4 of us, nina, chris and willa and a whole host of nina and chris' should be amazing
the boys have never met their cousin and angela has never met her niece!
it's going to be a week of time spent on the lake, hanging out with family, relaxing and just enjoying
while we will miss nc it'll be nice to get a way for a while
this has been a crazy month of work with holes being put in the clinic walls and kids and families requiring way more support than i can provide in a 2 hour session...

we are driving to ny...oh yea did i forget that part? yup...driving the 12 hours up north...leaving around 6pm and burning the midnight oil...translation: driving straight through till ny!
tomorrow morning around 6 or 7 we will be arriving in sandy creek and i am thrilled...
it's been a long time since the boys have played with auntie nin and uncle c!

pictures of the trip to follow!

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